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Any type of game that involves the trade of money over the internet, including online betting, comes under the category of online gambling. If you’re from India and you are a gambler, you will know about jeetwin. It is one of the very few Indian Online Gambling Site. These sites allow you to gamble from your home. You can be sitting in the North and can be gambling with someone sitting in the South. You can withdraw or deposit money anytime through online payment methods from most of the popular banks.

About Jeetwin

Every Indian’s favorite Sunny Leone is the brand ambassador of the website. You can see pictures all over the website. Apart from common Indian Casino games, it provides sports betting & many other entertaining games. The website aims to let people relax at home and have all the fun they have at an actual casino without even going to one.

India does not have many casinos. You can find some of them in the big cities but most of the cities don’t have a casino at all. So this site is making gambling accessible to several players who have the potential but can’t find a casino. It claims itself to be the number one gambling site and they have proved themselves to be number one.


There are more than a hundred table games available at this online gambling site to play. Apart from these, there are other mini-games like slots, high cards, etc. And on top of that, sports are betting available too.


The site is licensed and registered. It is operated by Sky Infotech Limited which is the parent company. It ensures that the casino is run legally and is not involved in any kind of fraud. All the transactions are supervised and jeetwin is safe to use.