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Welcome to AmoreMew Sphynx cattery!

HCM, FIV, FeLV, FCoV tested cattery

Canadian Sphynx

Hello dear guests!

AmoreMew - Its a small WCA registered home Sphynx cattery in Russia since 2011.
Our attention is totaly payed for only one hairless cats breed is Canadian Sphynx!
We breed Sphynx kittens of a various colors, also white blue-eyed and odd-eyed Sphynx of a show, breed and pet quality.
Our Sphynx cats annual scanned for HCM , FIV, FeLV, FCoV tested and vaccinated against various infectious diseases.
All our Sphynx kittens are growing in love, tenderness and care, that's why all of them have a very sociable character, strong health and psyche. Not so many pets in our cattery allows us to feed all our Sphinx only with a high-quality food and give warmth and care to each of our pet!
NO cell content and cruelty! ALL our Sphynx cats are live with us, as a full members of our family, sleeps in our beds and on our pillows, have well-balanced cheerful character, good health and a healthy psyche.

Our little history

my first sphynx cat

I fell in love with this awesome breed many years ago, when i saw pictule of a very beautiful bald cat in magazine, there in 1997 i decided, one day i'll get same cat..
Passed 10 years when i saw an add about selling hairless kittens, that was all i knew about those breed :)
I grab those add and in 2007 i got my first sphynx cat named Astor (on the right pic), i fell in love with this strange creature from the first sight, he was such a cute little kitty, just like an alien.. :)
Now he is spayed and still make my day with his funny character! Astor is an oldest member of our sphynx family he is a good friend to all of my cats and kittens!
We love him very much, he was a start up for my great love to this funny little monkeys breed! :)
Then in 2011 i finally decided to open my own little Sphynx cattery coz i believe that all the people around the world gonna get to know this amazing breed!
Sphynx brought happiness and joy in my house and I wish that the more people become acquainted with this sweet creatures and filled their houses with happiness and love... which be able to donate you only Sphinx!

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