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Welcome to AmoreMew Sphynx cattery!

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AmoreMew cattery: sphynx cats and kittens for sale

Hello dear guests!

Me-Mchedlishvili Marina and my sphynx - kids are glad to welcome you on the site of cattery AmoreMew!
Our website is fully dedicated to the cats breed Canadian Sphynx!
I met closer and fell in love with this awesome breed many years ago, in 2007 i got my first sphynx named Astor, his funny behaviour still making my day, but only in 2011 i decided to open my own little Sphynx cattery coz i believe that all the people around the world gonna get to know this amazing breed!

At the pages of our site u will see the pictures of our sphynx cats and our sphynx kittens.
On the page "Our shows" u'll see the pics of our sphynx at the cats shows, where we love to be very much! :)
I'm doing everything possible to breed a strong, healthy and good typed sphynx kittens, so people could fall in love with these wonderful creatures from the first sight, once and for always!
On the page"Kittens"you can see our available sphynx kittens and who knows may be you'll find there your love for many, many years and I sincerely wish it to you! Because i really love this breed, they brings happiness and joy in my house and I wish that the more people become acquainted with this amazing breed and filled their houses with the happiness and love...

...with another love, love which be able to donate you only Sphinx!

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